A Perfect Traveller


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I never thought I could be a travel blogger, to me travel bloggers are those adventurous fellows that I long to be like. They spend all their time travelling the world, they are non conformists, living life to the full. As for me I live in the same industrialised North East town that I grew up in. I’m married and teetering on the younger edge of middle age. I work in a distinctly respectable job and so I squeeze travel into holidays and weekends.

But I do love travel and one day while researching an upcoming trip to Iceland I stumbled across this great blog http://www.dangerous-business.com/ and I started to think that travel blogging was perhaps more about a way of looking at things rather than a lifestyle,  I was further encouraged by the surprisingly lovely man (don’t tell him I said that!) who writes this http://www.lastsaneman.co.uk/ . He seemed to think I had something to share. Maybe my small scale adventures could count as travel, and what’s more maybe someone out there would be interested in reading about them.

This blog is a personal record of my travels, be they near or far. Maybe some of what I write will be useful to fellow travellers, maybe I can inspire someone to go on a mini adventure of their own.


I also love food, its a big part of why I like to travel, explore new places, try new things, taste new foods, so I feel it only fair to be up front about the fact the much of what I write will probably be about food.